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The Winery - Cooperative of the Field San Isidro

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The Winery

The Cooperative of the Field San Isidro constituted itself in 1957.

At present the number of partners is of 363 who contribute around 7.000.000 of kg of grape.

The partners of the cooperative count 1200 hectares of vineyard of the varieties Tempranillo, Macabeo, Monastrell and Airén among others. The white wines, red and the famous rose wine are obtained here, of the great prestige in the region.

Viñedos Viñedos Viñedos Viñedos

It is possible to emphasize, the important technological investment realised by all the implied to surpass the levels of quality fully demanded by the present markets. Wines that by its characteristics and the climatology of the zone we can denominate singulars. At present, this agro-alimentary industry account with modern facilities of elaboration, with warehouse, deposits, command teams of temperatures, must fermentation, hoppers of reception,  pneumatic presses and all the necessary stainless steel equipment constructed so that to obtain the maximum hygiene and quality in the production process.

Within this process of modernization of the Cooperative it is necessary to indicate the construction of a room of wine aging in barrels of French oak, that will give to our wines that note of quality that demands the most demanding markets and palates.

Intalaciones de la Cooperativa Intalaciones de la Cooperativa Intalaciones de la Cooperativa Intalaciones de la Cooperativa

This winery has been gotten up to the Denomination of Origin Manchuela for the quality wine elaboration with the purpose of to adapt to the new times and to reflect the change of attitude and mentality generated by the new generations of its partners.

The described wines as Protected Indication of Origin "Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla" are born like an answer to the necessity of the owners of a wine cellar to give exit to the quality wines that are not enrolled within the exclusive Denominations of Origin, and that have a reliable quality. They come from zones with great wine-making tradition.

For the consumer, on the other hand, they suppose an excellent form to enjoy good wines to a reasonable price and, as well, to be informed into data of the product as they are the Indication of the geographic area of origin, the varieties of grapevine used and the year of its elaboration (vintage or year). In their production are including strictly quality controls.

To bet by the quality and the image. The effort of its people, the love by its earth and a culture jeopardize with the wine are the signs of identity of our wines.

Our better representative in the world, our wine.